STRUCTURE: Steel structure in quality S 355 by EN standard 10025.
TOWER: One-piece or 4 panel tower elements of 2.5m length with ladder. Fast assemby with a special PIN connections.
HOISTING: Reduction gear and 3 speeds motor with built-in electromagnetic brake remote controlled when in motion and under load, creep speed for accurate load spotting.
SLEWING: Ball bearing ring, planetary gear and motor with built-in Eddy current brake witch allows second and progressive stopping and ensures accurate load spotting. Second brake of emergency, can be opened from the ground.
TROLLEY: Worm reduction gear and motor with built-in electromagnetic brake. Transmission by rope with adjustable tension.
TRAVELING: On straight curved tracks with 8 high quality weels. Two diagonaly mounted reduction gears. Transmission of motion through hydraulic couplings.
ERECTION: Quick erection with pin connection of all sections of chassis tower, jib and counter jib. Outside telescoping with telescopic cage operated by hydraulic jack.
SAFETY DEVICES: Complying with DIN rules. Drives power cosumption 30 kW.

  • F42-13
  • F42-13
  • F42-13

Technical features:

hoisting height – horisontal jib
jib length
capacity on end of the jib
maximum capacitiy on the 8m of the jib
hoisting speed:
2/1 rope falls
4/1 rope falls
trolley speed
rotation speed
translation speed (required by a customer)
working voltage
keyboard voltage
Installed power


The crane is mounting using hydro aggregate.
With the crane we deliver concrete for counterweight.

40,15 m
42,00 m
1350,00 kg
4500,00 kg

6/30/60 m/min
3/15/30 m/min
30/60 m/min
0 - 0,9 o/min
0 – 20 o/min
3 x 380 V; 50 Hz
48 V; 50 Hz
30 kW

  • F42-13
  • F42-13
  • F42-13

downloadCatalogue: Tower CraneF42-13 in .pdf form