AF32 Super

Crane AF 32 Super is the latest generation with the rotation in the lower part and
with the hydraulics or automatic montage.
It is used for reconstruction, construction of buildings up to 6 floors and can be used as a service crane on building sites.
Mounting is simple and lasting only 11 minutes.
The transport is possible with only one means of transportation without disassembling any portion of the crane.
Thanks to the new technological solutions, careful construction without cost savings, this is the latest and best product of this type of crane.

  • AF32 Super
  • AF32 Super
  • AF32 Super

Technical features:

hoisting height – horisontal jib
hoisting height – jib in oblique position
jib length
capacity on end of the jib
maximum capacitiy on the 8m of the jib
hoisting speed:
- 2/1 rope falls
- 4/1 rope falls
trolley speed
rotation speed
working voltag
keyboard voltage
installed power


The crane is mounting using hydro aggregate – quick montage.
On the crane is installed device for driving it from one place to another on the construction area with the crane we deliver base ballast.

21,00 m
28,00 m
32,00 m
800,00 kg
4000,00 kg


5/20/40 m/min
2,5/10/20 m/min
20/40 m/min
0 - 0,9 o/min
3 x 380 V; 50 Hz
48 V; 50 Hz
16 kW

  • AF32 Super
  • AF32 Super
  • AF32 Super

downloadCatalogue: Automatic Crane AF32 Super in .pdf form