This type of tower crane has been designed for works of all heights and extends, which require high capacities and service speeds.
Jib lenght is up to 60m with the possibility of adjusting the customer's request.
It can be used on standard height or anchored.
The assembly is simple, cost-effective, fast and safe.
All electromechanical assemblies are installed on a rotating platform.
The steel structure in quality S 355 by EN standard 10025.
It is a brand new generation of cranes that adjusts to various needs in the construction industry.

  • F60-14
  • F60-14
  • F60-14

Technical features:

hoisting height – horisontal jib
jib length
capacity on end of the jib
maximum capacitiy on the13m of the jib
hoisting speed:
- 2/1 rope falls
- 4/1 rope falls
trolley speed
rotation speed
translation speed (required by a customer)
working voltage
keyboard voltage
Installed power


The crane is mounting using hydro aggregate.
With the crane we deliver concrete for counterweight.

A=57 m; B=44 m
60 m
1400,00 kg
8000,00 kg


5/30/60 m/min
2,5/15/30 m/min
0 - 60 m/min
0 - 0,9 o/min
0 – 20 o/min
3 x 380 V; 50 Hz
48 V; 50 Hz
40 kW

  • F60-14
  • F60-14
  • F60-14

downloadCatalogue: Tower Crane F60-14 in .pdf form